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John P. Saylor Trail Guidebook

Guide to Pennsylvania Mid State Trail - 12th Edition

by Mid State Trail Association

Scott Adams Enterprises volunteered many hours in collaborating with others to produce this trail guide. The 12th edition of the Guide to Pennsyvlania Mid State Trail will lead the intrepid hiker from the Mason Dixon line on the Pennsylvania/Maryland border up to the New York State border. Here you will find details on the route of the trail as well as water sources, camp sites, elevation profiles and even a bit of history. An essential resource if you are planning on hiking the entire trail, or even if you only hike small sections; you'll be coming back to the guide time and time again.

Format: Trail guide, perfect bound
Pages: 288 pages
Dimensions: 6.5" x 4.5"
ISBN: 978-1-9314961-1-7

Available at the following locations:
  Appalachian Outdoors - State College, PA
  Hike the Mid State Trail - Online
  Keystone Trail Association - Online - Online

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